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In this article we're going to discuss something that has become a growing trend in the United States www.gogle.pl. Do it yourself funerals www.gogle.pl. It is no secret that funeral costs in the United States are through the roof and the sad truth is, many people can't afford a lavish funeral www.gogle.pl. Some can't even afford a bare bones funeral www.gogle.pl. For these people, and these reasons, do it yourself funerals are becoming very popular in the United States www.gogle.pl. So, just what is a do it yourself funeral?It's pretty much what it sounds like www.gogle.pl. It is a funeral that you handle completely on your own, within reason as there are still some legalities that have to be abided by in the United States www.gogle.pl. One of the legalities is that for any person who dies in the United States, a death certificate must be issued by a certified medical examiner www.gogle.pl. The cost of this is relatively cheap and in some cases can be done away with www.gogle.pl. The death certificate charges vary depending on the state that death occurs in www.gogle.pl. After that, there are no particular requirements for interment www.gogle.pl. A person can either be buried or cremated www.gogle.pl. However, and this may come as a surprise, there is no law that says that a person must be buried in a cemetery www.gogle.pl. There are certain health codes that have to be adhered to during a burial, but as far as location, a person can be buried in your back yard if you so prefer www.gogle.pl. The truth of the matter is, until the 1900's, death was a family matter www.gogle.pl. The body would usually be on view in the living room until the time for burial www.gogle.pl. There were no big funeral parlors with fancy ceremonies www.gogle.pl. As time went by the funeral industry took over this time of death in a family's life, butmany families are trying to take it back www.gogle.pl. Families are starting to build their own coffins www.gogle.pl. They're nothing fancy, usually just made of wood www.gogle.pl. For those who are not particularly religious they don't even use clergy www.gogle.pl. Instead they write up their own funeral services and perform these services themselves www.gogle.pl. Inside their home made coffins the family will usually put items belonging to the deceased www.gogle.pl. Burial itself is a little more tricky as permits are required to bury the dead on private property, but they can be gotten after a lot of red tape has been cut www.gogle.pl. At that time it is perfectly common and okay for a family to bury their loved one underneath the cyprus tree in their back yard www.gogle.pl. For those who think that an undertaker needs to be part of a funeral, this is true in only eight of the 50 states www.gogle.pl. As for those on a really tight budget, these people usually turn to cremation and keep the ashes in an urn somewhere in their home www.gogle.pl. Cremations are relatively cheap, at about $700 www.gogle.pl. Yes, do it yourself funerals are becoming the rage for many people today, and as funeral costs continue to skyrocket it should come as no surprise www.gogle.pl. ------------------------------------------------------- Michael Russell Your Independent guide to Funerals -------------------------------------------------------


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